Celebrating Native American Heritage Month


November marks Native American Heritage Month, and even while we’re almost at the end of November — someone slow down the clocks! — there is still plenty of time to honor this part of America’s rich cultural history.

And books by authors closer to home:

Bawaajimo: a dialect of dreams in Anishinaabe language and literature by Margaret Noodin, as well as her book of poems, Weweni.

Bebikaan-ezhiwebiziwinan Nimkii: the adventures of Nimkiiby Hidden Timber Books Author Stacie Sheldon.

Nenookaasi Mawadishiwe: Hummingbird Visits, our next children’s book by Erin Leary. We can’t wait to share this beautiful book with you! (Forthcoming in March 2023)

From summer to spring, readers will follow a single male hummingbird as he transforms from a nestling to a fully grown male ready to welcome his own nestlings to the world. Readers young and old will learn about hummingbirds and their yearly migratory patterns while also being exposed to Ojibwemowin, a beautiful language spoken by indigenous tribes in parts of Michigan, Ontario, northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, and Alberta.

What are you reading these days? Who’s your favorite Native American author? Do you know the history of the place where you stand?

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