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Bebikaan-ezhiwebiziwinan Nimkii: The Adventures of Nimkii
by Stacie Sheldon

In this beautifully illustrated children’s book, readers will experience the world in a new way as they see the seasons through the joyful eyes of Nimkii, a fun, nature-loving dog who will teach them a whole new language: Ojibwemowin, a language spoken by the indigenous tribes in parts of Michigan, Ontario, northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, and Alberta.

Whether hunting for maple trees in the fall, playing in the snow in the winter, enjoying the spring showers, or swimming in the summer, Nimkii seeks out activities that allow her to enjoy her natural surroundings. Fun and inspiring, this bilingual book helps children and adults communicate in new ways while exploring different elements of culture.

BONE BROTH, a novel by Lyndsey Ellis

BONE BROTH, centers on an African-American family navigating the Midwest’s convoluted history and social landscape. Justine Holmes, a widow and former activist, mourns her husband’s death during the aftermath of the Ferguson unrest in St. Louis, Missouri. As family tensions deepen between Justine and her three grown children–an unemployed former Bay Area activist at odds with her hometown’s customs, a social climbing realtor stifled by the loss of her only child, and a disillusioned politician struggling with his sexual identity, the matriarch is forced to face her grief head-on by reconciling a past tied to her secret involvement in civil rights activism during the early 1970’s in St. Louis. Justine quickly learns the more she attempts to make peace with her history, the more skeletons continue to rise to the surface. 

*cover image by Jade Burel

cover: watercolor painting of sparrow wearing red vest, shaking off droplets of water.

Smash!Crash! Chirp! Splash!
Who is making all that noise? Can it be a lonely little bird?

In The Adventures of a Sparrow Named Stanley (April, 2016), we meet a young sparrow wants to be famous and have friends, but doesn’t know how. A wise gray owl eventually gives Stanley the advice he needs.

This book is the first publication by author Betty Sydow and Illustrator Carolou Nelsen, who were 88 and 89 at the time of release, proving that you’re never too old to fulfill your dream.

In Family Stories from the Attic (May, 2017), editors Christi Craig and Lisa Rivero bring together nearly two dozen works of prose and poetry inspired by letters, diaries, photographs, and other family papers and artifacts. Both experienced and new writers share their stories in ways that reflect universal themes of migration, time, history, family, love, and change.

Authors include: Kristine D. Adams, JoAnne Bennett, Aleta Chossek, Sally Cissna, Gloria T. DiFulvio, Julia Gimbel, Myles Hopper, Margaret Krell, Amy Wang Manning, Nancy Martin, Patricia Ann McNair, Carolou Nelsen, Joanne Nelson, Annilee Newton, Pam Parker, Ramona M. Payne, Valerie Reynolds, Jessica Schnur, Meagan Schultz, Yvonne Stephens, Kim Suhr, Julie Anne Thorndyke.

“Using letters, photos, a scrapbook, more, these writers share the lovely tales of their sleuthing in the metaphorical attics of their families. Poignant, self-exploratory and tender, these stories are moving accounts of diverse historical tapestries. Especially memorable is Amy Wang Manning’s wonderful story of piecing together her family saga using an old Taiwanese household registry–it will stay with you.”

~ Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, author of the novel Sarong Party Girls & A Tiger in the Kitchen: A Memoir of Food and Family

In The Collected Stories (November, 2017), Carol Wobig writes with unfailing sensitivity and empathy and in language that rings clear and true.

In these seventeen stories and monologues, Wobig introduces us to grieving widows and questioning nuns, daughters intent on saving their mothers and mothers unsure how to save their children, each of whom faces the question we all must ultimately ask: how to save ourselves. Her characters and their experiences will live in the minds and hearts of readers long after the last page is turned.

“Carol Wobig is a wonder! Don’t be deceived by her plainspoken, straightforward style. In only a few pages she’s able to locate the emotional depth of her characters and reveal the complexity of their lives. She deserves comparison to Grace Paley and Alice Munro, but Carol Wobig is a true original.”

~ Larry Watson, author of Montana 1948 & As Good As Gone

In her bold debut collection of poems, The Salt Before It Shakes (December, 2017), Yvonne Stephens writes about nature, loss, change, hope, motherhood, and family with honesty, courage, sensitivity, and moments of keen existential humor. 

Stephens’ poetry offers a welcome respite from and insight into what it means to live well and with authenticity in the 21st century.

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