Practical Strategies to Promote Your First (or Next) Book

This webinar is offered as a WEBINAR on DEMAND (registration link below)

You spend weeks, months, years crafting your story. You go through rounds and rounds of edits. You break through the slush pile, find a publisher, sign the contracts. More edits, a cover chosen, a dedication page written. Your novel or memoir or collection is on its way to the printer, soon to be in readers’ hands.

Whether you publish with a large or small press or self-publish, a finished book is only one piece of the puzzle. Another important one—which begins before the book is released—is promoting it. A publisher may develop a marketing plan, but as the author, you still play a critical role in reaching readers.

Hidden Timber Books is thrilled to offer another Webinar on publicity and promotion of the book you have worked so hard to bring into the world.

Erika Dreifus, author and publicity expert, provides an overview of the book promotion process, highlighting efforts that you might reasonably expect your publisher to handle (or collaborate on), and offering strategies that you, the author, can tackle yourself, with an emphasis on low-cost, low-stress approaches.


Over the past few years, Erika Dreifus has assisted authors and publishers in promoting books released by companies large and small: HarperCollins, The Jewish Publication Society, University of Nevada Press, Orison Books, Palgrave Macmillan, Jewish Storyteller Press, Fig Tree Books, and more. She has also publicized her own books, including Quiet Americans: Stories (Last Light Studio) and, most recently, Birthright (Kelsay Books). Visit Erika online at, and/or follow her on Twitter (@ErikaDreifus), where she tweets on “matters bookish and/or Jewish.”

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