Instagram: Improve Your Craft, Grow Your Readership

As authors, social media can expand our reach to readers nationally and internationally. But with a multitude of platforms to chose from, it becomes challenging for authors to know which site will work best and how we might be most efficient with our time. After all, our true devotion is to the story on the page.

However, social media doesn’t have to be a burden. Some sites can boost your writing skills, as well as grow your platform, if you know how to work them.

Hidden Timber Books is thrilled to bring you another 90-minute workshop, this time on using Instagram to do exactly that.

Write better captions, take better pictures, and build better platform in this fun, fast-paced workshop with Brevity’s Social Media Editor Allison K Williams. For newbies, we’ll briefly cover the very basics of Instagram and #bookstagram.

Then we’ll dive deep, discovering how to gain (real) followers quickly, how and when to interact, use hashtags, and most importantly, show your true writing voice to turn casual scrollers into engaged readers.

Finally, we’ll walk through key (and mostly free!) apps for scheduling posts and upping your photo game.

For a limited time, this webinar is available on demand!
Register for $50 to watch at your convenience.

Testimonials from the live Webinar:

Allison made Instagram exciting and interesting, even for a Luddite like myself. I cannot wait to get started using the approaches and tools that she suggested.

Wow, Allison was incredibly enthusiastic and generous in everything she presented. She packed so much in during the 90 minutes.

Personal consultations on author platform, internet presence, and social media review are available. Contacting Allison directly at and mention Hidden Timber Books.

Guerilla memoirist, essay writer and travel journalist, Allison K Williams has written about race, culture and comedy for National Public Radio, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and Travelers’ Tales.

Her fiction has appeared in Crossed Genres, Smokelong Quarterly and Deep South; essays in Kenyon Review Online, Prairie Schooner, The Drum and Brevity. Her humor writing was a Mark Twain Award winner; she has been twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize. As a storyteller, Allison has appeared onstage at London’s Theatre Royal and Rich Mix, India’s Filocafe, and is a two-time winner of The Moth StorySLAM. Allison is the Social Media Editor at Brevity, and the host of the Brevity Podcast.

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