Nenookaasi Mawadishiwe: Hummingbird Visits by Erin Leary

Forthcoming May 2, 2023 | Pre-orders available soon

In this vibrant, beautiful children’s book, readers will learn about hummingbirds and their yearly migratory patterns while also being exposed to Ojibwemowin, a beautiful language spoken by the indigenous tribes in parts of Michigan, Ontario, northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, and Alberta.

From Summer to spring, readers will follow a single male hummingbird as he transforms from a nestling to a fully grown male ready to welcome his own nestlings to the world. Read, learn, and make some of your own sugar water to help feed the hummingbirds!

ISBN: 978-1-7365519-3-6 | 38 pages | Hardcover | $27.99 | Category: Children’s Literature

Erin Leary, Author and Illustrator

Erin Illinois onjibaa. Illinois miinawaa Michigan daa noongom. Ogikinawaabi, onanda-gikendaan miinawaa omazinibiige. Onanda-gikendaan skiing gaye nanda-gikenimaad Anishinaaben. Ogii-nanda-gikendaanan dibaajimowinan Giiwedin-Ningaabii’an Gabe-gikendaasowigamigong mii noongom nanda-gikendang Michigan Gabe-gikendaasowigamigong. Omaajii-anishinaabemo miinawaa o’o mazina’igan Nenookaasi Mawadishiwe wii-wiidookawaad ji-anishinaabemowaad. Owaabanda’aan ezhi-minwendang akiing mazina’iganing. Iniw nenookaasiwan Erin gii-mazinibii’aad mawidashiwenid endaad. Erin miinawaa odinawemaaganim nenookaasiwan waabamaad endaaso niibing apii dagoshinowaad.

Originally from Illinois, Erin lives now in Illinois and Michigan. She is a student, scholar, and artist whose work focuses on environmental and Indigenous Studies. She holds a BA in English literature from Northwestern University, and is currently a PhD student in the American Culture program at the University of Michigan. She is beginning to learn Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe), and wrote this book Hummingbird Visits as a way to help herself and other language-learners practice. This book and all of Erin’s work is a reflection of her love for the environment and our more-than-human kin. The hummingbird in this book is one who visits Erin’s backyard. She and her family love watching this hummingbird and others grow and return each year.

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