The Friday Framework: Writing Prompt & Book Giveaway

In an effort to keep the framework in motion, some of our featured writers have given us prompts to share. These prompts are sometimes linked to their work, or just ways to get the writing blood moving.  Please take the prompt as yours, but if you feel like sharing, send your response to us. We will select the first two we receive for a one-book giveaway from our featured writers (October and January readings). The choice will be yours, but only one book! 



Shed Your Mask 

Oftentimes we writers use masks or persona to work through some of our most challenging subjects. It can allow us to enter into a vulnerability that we’d otherwise feel just fine avoiding. Taking on another name, another face, another voice will often liberate us. One dreams and fantasizes without limitations. 

But what happens when we shed our masks? What if we decide to occupy our true authentic selves, when we fill out our bodies and speak from all of our sense and right when we are best full selves someone and their image of you tries to label you, tell you who you are, tries limiting all the space you tried so hard to fill. It is tiring constantly being taken out of meaning. 

Write a poem addressed to someone or something that maintains a skewed or incorrect image of you. The grocery woman who mispronounces your name. The partner who swears you love to watch their favorite show. Your boss or someone with some authority over you. What do you say to undo this image? How might your relationship change once you gave up the mask? Are there qualities in your disguise you’d rather keep?

Put #PenToPaper. Send us your response. Keep the conversation going.
(deadline to submit: 2.3.2021)

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