Forthcoming! Nenookaasi Mawadishiwe, a new bilingual children’s book

If you’re a fan of Bebikaan-ezhiwebiziwinan Nimkii: The Adventures of Nimkii, you’ll love our newest book by Erin Leary.

Nenookaasi Mawadishiwe: Hummingbird Visits is a vibrant, beautiful bilingual children’s book written in both Ojibwemowin and English. While readers learn about hummingbirds and their yearly migratory patterns, they are also exposed to Ojibwemowin, a beautiful language spoken by the indigenous tribes in parts of Michigan, Ontario, northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, and Alberta.

From summer to spring, readers will follow a single male hummingbird as he transforms from a nestling to a fully grown male ready to welcome his own nestlings to the world. Read, learn, and make some of your own sugar water to help feed the hummingbirds!

Author Erin Leary wrote and illustrated this story of a young hummingbird as a final project in an Ojibwemowin language course. With encouragement from Margaret Noodin, translator of Bebikaan-ezhiwebiziwinan and now of Nenookaasi Mawadishiwe, Erin continued to work on this story. Her love of the language, of the wildlife around her, and her art come together in harmony in her debut children’s book. To view more of Erin’s art, visit her on Instagram.

To get your hands on first copies of Nenookaasi Mawadishiwe and a coloring book full of beautiful line drawings that all budding artists, young and old, will enjoy, watch for PRE-ORDERS, coming soon!

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