Workshops for Authors


The coronavirus pandemic has axed the joy of attending and participating in traditional readings, bookstore hangouts, and writers’ retreats. Fortunately, technology continues to revolutionize interaction between poets, writers and booklovers. From newsletters and social media engagement to online readings and podcasts, Lyndsey Ellis offers tips on navigating current best practices for community engagement.

In this 90 minute webinar, you’ll learn a variety of ways to celebrate and promote your craft while exchanging ideas and honoring the work of fellow writers and creatives.

In Aristotle’s Poetics, he observed that the best endings are both “surprising, yet inevitable.” We don’t see it coming, but when we read the ending we can’t imagine it could have happened any other way. But crafting the perfect ending for an essay, a short story, or a novel is one of the most challenging aspects of writing.

In this session ELLEN BIRKETT MORRIS takes us through some effective stories endings and helps us unpack the journey the writer took and the hints they left along the way that lead us to this powerful dénouement.

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