Our Newest Author

After several months of reading wonderful manuscripts, from novels and memoirs to story and essay collections, Hidden Timber Books is thrilled to share news of our next publication project and newest author.


St. Louis-born and Bay Area trained, Lyndsey Ellis, is a fiction writer and essayist who is passionate about Black intergenerational relationships and resiliency in the Midwest. She was the recipient of the San Francisco Foundation’s Joseph Jackson Literary Award in 2016 and the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund in 2018 for the completion of her novel, BONE BROTH, acquired by Hidden Timber Books.

BONE BROTH, centers on an African-American family navigating the Midwest’s convoluted history and social landscape. Justine Holmes, a widow and former activist, mourns her husband’s death during the aftermath of the Ferguson unrest in St. Louis, Missouri. As family tensions deepen between Justine and her three grown children–an unemployed former Bay Area activist at odds with her hometown’s customs, a social climbing realtor stifled by the loss of her only child, and a disillusioned politician struggling with his sexual identity, the matriarch is forced to face her grief head-on by reconciling a past tied to her secret involvement in civil rights activism during the early 1970’s in St. Louis. Justine quickly learns the more she attempts to make peace with her history, the more skeletons continue to rise to the surface. 

Excerpts from BONE BROTH have been featured in Eleven ElevenThe OffingJoylandThe Stockholm Review of Literature and Entropy.

Follow Lyndsey Ellis on TwitterFacebook, and on her website.

*Photo of Lyndsey Ellis by Joseph Duff

about the release of BONE BROTH (tentatively set for May 2021).

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