2021 Small Press Author Reading Series

When covid-19 hit and brought many in-person readings to a halt, Hidden Timber Books began hosting authors from small presses across the country via Zoom. This series quickly took form as a wonderful way to bring authors and readers together and introduce them to new books and the many small presses across the country. These readings are FREE, all you need to do is register for the link to join. Attend one, attend them all, and spread the word! *Please make note of time zones listed.

To view our past Small Press Author Readings, visit our YouTube Channel.

Inquiries about participating in our reading series can be sent to Vanessa Daunais, Publishing Assistant at Hidden Timber Books.

If you need accommodations for the reading, please contact us several days prior to the event.
We’ll do our best to make it accessible.

Anna Bálint
TAKE A STAND: Art Against Hate Anthology (Raven Chronicles)

With over 170 contributors, including Jericho Brown, Lucille Clifton, Marge Piercy, and Danez Smith, Take a Stand features poetry, artwork, essays, and fiction that confront past and ongoing injustices and offer visions of positive change.

Topics range from slave ships to ICE raids, from settler colonialism to drone strikes, from memories of trauma to dreams of a more just and peaceful society.

As Diane Glancy writes in her foreword, “These pieces are protest against violence, injustice, cruelty. They are resistance. They are inscription, instruction, witness, warning, remedy, solution, even solace.”

Saturday | April 10, 2021
12pm Pacific | 1pm Mountain | 2pm Central | 3pm Eastern

ANNA Bálint is a London born, Seattle-based poet, writer, editor and cultural activist of East European descent. Her many years of editorial work for Raven Chronicles Press includes Take a Stand, Art Against Hate, and Words From the Café (Raven Chronicles Press, 2016), an anthology of writing by people in recovery. Her short fiction collection, Horse Thief, (Curbstone Press, 2004) spans cultures and continents and was a finalist for the Pacific Northwest Book Award. A longtime teacher of creative writing, Anna currently teaches adults in recovery from trauma, addiction, mental illness, and homelessness at Seattle’s Recovery Cáfe, where she founded Safe Place Writing Circle.

Dinty W. Moore
TO HELL WITH IT: Of Sin and Sex, Chicken Wings, and Dante’s Entirely Ridiculous, Needlessly, Guilt-Inducing Inferno (University of Nebraska Press)

To Hell with It: Of Sin and Sex, Chicken Wings, and Dante’s Entirely Ridiculous Inferno is part memoir/part spiritual essay, asking what would our world be like if eternal damnation was not hanging constantly over our sheepish heads, stoking our self-loathing and making so many of us vaguely miserable? To Hell with It pokes fun at Dante’s ambitious and somewhat bizarre poem, Divine Comedy, and explores the ways in which the poet’s gruesome imagination, helped along by shady theologians, shaped western culture and made us all a little more miserable than we need to be.

Bill Roorbach, author of Life among Giant, hails Moore’s book as “Kurt Vonnegut funny” and “a madcap, deep, hopeful, absurd, learned, solemn, silly, and somehow redeeming look at the hell we make for ourselves, the hell the world offers, and the heaven to be found if only we look in the heart of each of our hearts.”

Sunday | April 25, 2021
12pm Pacific | 1pm Mountain | 2pm Central | 3pm Eastern

DINTY W. MOORE is author of the memoirs Between Panic & Desire, and To Hell With It, the writing guides The Story Cure, Crafting the Personal Essay, and The Mindful Writer, among many other books. He has published essays and stories in Harper’s, The New York Times Magazine, The Southern ReviewThe Georgia Review, Kenyon Review, Creative Nonfiction, and elsewhere. Moore is founding editor of Brevity, the journal of flash nonfiction and co-editor of The Best of Brevity: Twenty Years of Groundbreaking Flash Nonfiction. He teaches master classes and workshops across the United States as well as in Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, and Mexico.

Jesse DeLong & Nathaniel Popkin
& TO REACH THE SPRING (New Door Books)

Jesse DeLong’s full-length debut,The Amateur Scientist’s Notebook, is a collection of poems set among the mines and farmlands of Idaho. The severe landscapes move the speaker to investigate his romantic and familial relationships through lyric considerations of the natural world and scientific concepts. Like the seeds on the face of a sunflower, each poem is both whole and a piece of a whole. Mimicking this structure, or the “struggle of scale,” these poems combine love and science, and the product is both declaration and interruption, elusive and graspable, love and the deconstruction of love. In The Amateur Scientist’s Notebook, the friction between the stone and the mountain demonstrates the wonder generated in this struggle to become, to grow, and to change.

JESSE DeLONG teaches Composition and Literature at Louisiana State University, but he grew up in Northern Idaho and Western Montana. He holds a B.A.in English from the University of Montana and an M.F.A. in Poetry from the University of Alabama. His poems have appeared in the anthologies Best New Poets 2011 and Feast: Poetry and Recipes for a Full Seating at Dinner as well as the journals Colorado ReviewMid-American ReviewIndiana ReviewPainted Bride Quarterly and Typo. With book artist Sonja G. Rossow, he has published several artist’s books and chapbooks, including Tearings and Other Poems, and Earthwards, both through Curley Head Press. Other than traditional academic settings, DeLong has taught Literature at Donaldson Correctional Facility and has worked as a Case Manager at a Reentry Services Center, teaching hard-and-soft-skill courses, such as Anger Management and Parenting, to parolees and probationers. He resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Thursday | April 29, 2021
5:30pm Pacific | 6:30pm Mountain | 7:30pm Central | 8:30pm Eastern

In the shadow of an escalating eco-crisis—a looming catastrophe that will dwarf the fallout from COVID-19—how can we explain our society’s failure to act? What will we tell future generations? Are we paralyzed because the problem is so vast in scope, or are there deeper reasons for the widespread passivity? Nathaniel Popkin explores the moral, social, and psychological dimensions of the crisis, outlining a path to a future spring.

An urgent and deeply felt call to face our complicity in the Earth’s destruction.

Novelist, essayist, editor, documentary writer, and critic, NATHANIEL POPKIN is the author of six previous books, both fiction and nonfiction. In 2019 he helped pilot The Valley of the Possible, a research program and residency in southern Chile that asks artists to frame new human responses to deforestation, species extinction, and the ongoing effects of colonization. To Reach the Spring draws on that experience, as well as on ideas about the eco-crisis that he expressed in The New York Times in December 2018.

Thursday | April 29, 2021
5:30pm Pacific | 6:30pm Mountain | 7:30pm Central | 8:30pm Eastern

Upcoming Events:

May 7 Colin Rafferty

May 16 Patricia Ann McNair
RESPONSIBLE ADULTS (Cornerstone Press)

May 23 Clifford Garstang

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