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Where to find Lyndsey Ellis

Photo by Roman Koval from Pexels

A few months ago, we introduced you to our newest author, LYNDSEY ELLIS, and her forthcoming novel from Hidden Timber Books, Bone Broth. While we work with Lyndsey to set the type and build a cover and deliver her book to your shelves, you can learn more about her, along with the stories she’s passionate about writing, in two different ways.


Lyndsey’s essay, “Hair,” appears in Black in the Middle: An anthology of the Black Midwest, edited by Terrion L. Williamson and due to be released from Belt Publishing on September 1, 2020.

Black in the Middle brings the voices of Black Midwesterners front and center. Filled with compelling narratives, thought-provoking analyses, and impactful commentaries, this anthology explores the various meanings and experiences of blackness throughout the Rust Belt.”

Belt Publishing also released the Milwaukee Anthology last year, which received a wonderful review from Alexander Shashko in Wisconsin People & Ideas. We can’t wait to get our hands on Black in the Middle!


You can also join the online monthly reading series, Eves at the Virtual Beat, on Thursday, June 25th,* 7pm Pacific/9pm Central, as Lyndsey is one of the featured authors.

“During Women’s History month a constellation of events brought together a group of fabulous womxn+ writers. The meeting of these hearts and minds exploded into something powerful and a new monthly reading series concept was born…”

Photo (right) by Forja2 Mx on Unsplash

Hosted by Janice Blaze Rocke and curated by Nicole Henares, this event is FREE via Zoom.

*Originally scheduled for June 4th, this event has been postponed until the 25th.

Mark your calendars for both the book and the reading, and subscribe to the Hidden Timber Newsletter to stay current with all the updates about Bone Broth.

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